Thursday, December 1, 2011

In Tandem #21

N.B. Due to the sparse numbers of Tandem riders in the past few weeks, I've decided to put a padlock on the wheels for a while. This won't stop any enthusiasts helping themselves to any of the previous prompts to freewheel around! All the Linky lists should still be functioning, and my emails will notify me at once of any Bloggers who use one and leave a comment. See you again soon, I hope.


  1. LOVE these, Jinksy! thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art.
    ♥ dani

  2. Thank you Jinsky! I barley squeezed this in as my parents were visiting this past week! Thanks for hosting!

  3. November and December are tough months. And it is "nice" to have a smaller community of sharing. Anything over 10 is great, I think - easy to stop by and read everyones contributions. Some memes get so big... over 100! I hope you repost again by mid January at least as I enjoyed this.

  4. i think the holidays are impacting all of the prompt sites. there are at least two images from earlier posts which i would love to write to. {smile} thanks for your sharing!

    happy holidays!
    dani ♥

  5. Hi Jinksy! Visiting your blog after a long time! I miss your tandem prompts. Wondering if you were going to start giving us prompts in the (nearby :D) future!