Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time For A Change

For the moment, I've decided to use this blog as an extra string to my bow, with no rhyme or reason as to what I shall post on it. Think of it in the nature of a tentative experiment.

Today, because of requests on Napple Notes  for copies of my poncho pattern, that's what I'm going to post, to be read or ignored as fate wills.This link will let you see a picture of the finished article, as well as explain why it came into being.

As well as this diagram (front and back both alike, and joined and worked together in rounds) I've written out as comprehensive a set of instructions as I could manage this morning, so here goes.

Pen’s Poncho

Worked with 3.50mm hook and Double Knitting wool. (Final garment weighs 27 1/2 ounces, so I guess that's a good indication of the quantity needed.) Abbreviations (English notation):-
  • ss = slip stitch
  • dc = double crochet
  • tr = treble
To start, work  4 ch, and  ss to form ring
1st round    8 dc into ring (ss into 1st dc)

2nd round  
3ch,  1 treble into base of 3ch,  2 tr into next dc
 [4 ch (corner)  (2 tr next dc) twice] repeat  x 3 ,  4 ch  (corner),  ss to top of 3 ch.

3rd round    
4 ch  ( to count as one tr, 1ch)
** [1 tr into next space on previous row, 1ch] x 4
3 ch, 1 tr into same corner space of previous round, 1 ch**
Repeat from ** to** 3 times
1 tr into corner space on previous row, 1 ch, 3 ch,  ss to 3 rd chain of the four chain at the start of this round.  

4th round
1 dc into first space between tr’s of previous row
[3 ch, 1 dc in next space] repeat all around the sides of the square but working
[1 dc,  5 ch,  1 dc] in each of the corners until the last one, which needs to be
[ 1dc,  5ch, 1 dc,  3ch, ss into first dc on the row.  Fasten off.

Each subsequent square must be joined by its loops to adjacent squares while working the fourth row...   i.e.  I dc, 1 chain, then pick up corresponding loop on the other square  and attach  with  a ss,  1ch, 1dc, etc. Each corner sequence will be [1 dc  into corner space of working square, 2 ch, ss into corner loop of square to be attached,  2 ch, 1 dc into working square]

The edge may be finished with a hand tied fringe, or any crochet edging of your choice. - email me if you need help!
to show edging

close up of single motif


  1. Penny . . the work looks just great. Thanks for showing us.

  2. Er, now wots that? wool I have, needles not, does the left finger go over the right - or is it the other way round?
    Now the wools in a knot, will a few knots be ok? lol

    1. I'm glad that was your knotty problem, not mine, Imac!

  3. I've not done any crochet for years but I think I'm going to have a go.

  4. Lovely to know this is here, for when I've finished the jersey I'm knitting...