Monday, January 21, 2013


From Google Images 
( photographer unknown)
high lord of Winter
"I hold the key to Springtime;
I am still in charge."

icicle fingers
grip the land,
hold hostage
impatient plants and flowers.
"You will pay me heed!"

my supremacy,
my power
and my right
to rule at this time of year.
The season is mine!"

He blusters,
until the warm air
from his lungs
brings downfall,
as its heat beckons the Spring
to approach his realm.

Then anger,
like melt-water, fades,
and a truce
is achieved,
while the Earth spins on its course
and balance returns...

Written for IGWRT 's Open Link Monday

Saturday, January 5, 2013

All's Well That Ends Well

"Tingling!" of a bell summoned the maid
with her prim white apron, starched and staid,
as gown and bodice it overlayed.

"Open the window", the little girl said
"I need a breeze to cool my head
while I lie here in this rumpled bed."

" But what ails you, mistress mine,
on this day so fair and fine,
when all are greeting summertime?"

And she drew the curtains, swish and swish,
and opened the window, feeling churlish.
"What will such laziness accomplish?"

"For lazybones you are, I say!
You're no more sick than I this day;
let's get you up and out to play!"

And through the window beamed the Sun.
"Come follow me; we'll have some fun
You'll soon feel better, little one!"

His sunbeams danced across the floor.
"Well" said the maiden. "If you're sure.
I'll meet you soon, outside my door!"

Written for Mary over at IGWRT's