Saturday, January 5, 2013

All's Well That Ends Well

"Tingling!" of a bell summoned the maid
with her prim white apron, starched and staid,
as gown and bodice it overlayed.

"Open the window", the little girl said
"I need a breeze to cool my head
while I lie here in this rumpled bed."

" But what ails you, mistress mine,
on this day so fair and fine,
when all are greeting summertime?"

And she drew the curtains, swish and swish,
and opened the window, feeling churlish.
"What will such laziness accomplish?"

"For lazybones you are, I say!
You're no more sick than I this day;
let's get you up and out to play!"

And through the window beamed the Sun.
"Come follow me; we'll have some fun
You'll soon feel better, little one!"

His sunbeams danced across the floor.
"Well" said the maiden. "If you're sure.
I'll meet you soon, outside my door!"

Written for Mary over at IGWRT's


  1. I have long had the theory that people FEEL better when they let the sun shine into their homes or get out into the sun. It does wonders for the mind, if not for the body! I could not stand living in a place with curtains most often drawn closed. Loved your rhyme, Jinksy!

  2. I love this Jinksy ~ The rhymes and theme of going outside to plan, are enchanting to read ~

  3. This reminds me of something from an anthology of children's poetry - very lovely.

  4. Yes, like Kerry, this reminds me of childrens' poetry, so up beat. Love the rhyming.

  5. Let the sun shine, let the sun shine in .... very nice Ms. Penny! Happy New Year

  6. yes, yes, let the light in, thank you!

  7. You're so right, Jinksy. My husband never opens the kitchen curtains, and he always gets up first. I just hate seeing them closed when the sun is shining outside. Oh! My father didn't open the curtains for a week when my mother was in the hospital. It didn't occur to him, because she had always done it.

  8. Such wonders you say,
    Out in the sun you may.