Monday, February 18, 2013


It has taken me until today to attempt Fireblossom's Saturday challenge of writing free verse, an aspect of poetry I have never studied.  I shall post it for IGWRT's Open Link Monday, instead, and pray for leniency from all who read. :-)

A Quiet War

Silence flails my ears,
beating my brain,
buffeting it with bullish bravado.

My senses need a shield
against his arrows of anger
as old wounds reopen
to bleed memories.

Love's life force ebbs
before a tide of antipathy
and swamps me with sadness
as history repeats
like a record stuck in a groove.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Work To Rule

Fireblossom is asking us to do just that today, over at IGWRTS, so how could I gainsay her? Pop over to read her rules and regulations for the game, and let the fun commence.
Here is my instant offering. 

To write a poem in this way
is certainly a change,
so other chores in line today
I'll have to re-arrange.

take time to think!
abandon kitchen sink!

Take pen and paper right away,
get your grey cells working.
Ignore those silly folk who say
you are only shirking!

I have taken my own advice, and this is my fist poem in reply, but I may be tempted to come back with more, later in the day! Thanks, Fireblossom. I like a challenge to start the morning...

And now here's mark 2, where I've only paid attention to the syllable count, not set rhythms or rhymes.

See, in the loneliest of times,
how solace may arrive
from many unexpected sources?
One need but welcome it...

It's soft comfort
all levels of being.

Descending softly as darkness
cooling a parched country,
it can give us true contentment
if we only allow.

Does this make it 'free verse' do you think, or only 'syllabic verse'?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Permission To Speak?

In sidewalks
of my secret mind
dreams entice,
seek your permission to speak,
to be understood.

My questions
flicker into life,
in the heat
of simple disapproval
which your radiate.

as a bulldozer.
this assaults
my feelings,
demolishes dignity
with biting silence.

And silence
clamps my every thought
and exacts
when no crimes were intended
from the very start...

Written for IGWRT's  Wednesday prompt..

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Little Madness Goes A Long Way

I am not euphoric
at finding this word
so absurd
when I say it,
display it
on a page...
at its hard hitting
rhythm is what
is not
pleasing to my ear,
So pardon my straying
while saying
how I feel
for real?
"I hope laughter
will follow after
say I, pleading -
notwithstanding -
for understanding!

Written in a moment of madness after reading IGWRT's prompt today from Laurie Kolp.