Friday, February 15, 2013

Work To Rule

Fireblossom is asking us to do just that today, over at IGWRTS, so how could I gainsay her? Pop over to read her rules and regulations for the game, and let the fun commence.
Here is my instant offering. 

To write a poem in this way
is certainly a change,
so other chores in line today
I'll have to re-arrange.

take time to think!
abandon kitchen sink!

Take pen and paper right away,
get your grey cells working.
Ignore those silly folk who say
you are only shirking!

I have taken my own advice, and this is my fist poem in reply, but I may be tempted to come back with more, later in the day! Thanks, Fireblossom. I like a challenge to start the morning...

And now here's mark 2, where I've only paid attention to the syllable count, not set rhythms or rhymes.

See, in the loneliest of times,
how solace may arrive
from many unexpected sources?
One need but welcome it...

It's soft comfort
all levels of being.

Descending softly as darkness
cooling a parched country,
it can give us true contentment
if we only allow.

Does this make it 'free verse' do you think, or only 'syllabic verse'?


  1. And you have followed it to the letter, not to mention having liberated yourself from drudgery in order to do it! Thanks for being part of my FBF challenge.

  2. Brill!!!
    Is that the sort of thing your tutor approves of?
    He should.

  3. Wow! A two-fer! And so early in the posting! Maybe I should neglect my chores to get creative like you did!

  4. The first had me laughing, but your second poem has a more poignant tone, which I found very moving.
    I believe poetry written in iambs, though unrhymed, is known as blank verse but I'm not sure if this only refers to lines in pentameter.

    1. I'm hoping to find out a bit more on the subject soon. I've signed up for a ten week, online course run by The Poetry School which will be entirely devoted to form of all kinds.

  5. see? you should abandon that kitchen sink EVERY DAY if it incites poetry like this.

    1. What makes you think I EVER make the kitchen sink a priority? Hehehe! It mostly occupies my blind spot!!!

  6. Jinksy, you totally nailed it, not once but twice. Awesome. I especially love the second one which has a lovely tone to it.

  7. Excellent. I can relate to your approach in the first one and in fact it is similar to what I first started writing for this prompt, which I found very challenging. And then you wrote another!

  8. I enjoy very much the mid-stanza of your second poem, Jinsky. So much truth there. Great job!

  9. I truly enjoyed the second one. I have to say, this one was quite the challenge!

  10. I loved your first one!! :D Haha it's so cool! :D

  11. I really like them both, but the second one connectedwith me more somehow. well done

  12. That first piece made me smile! That's exactly how I'm feeling!

  13. Such tongue in cheek humor in the first and the second sweetly comforting.

  14. The second one is so different, but is the one I like best. Personally, I wouldn't call it free verse.

  15. Ha, taking pen to paper certainly is not shirking! I consider that doing the important work. Smiles.

  16. The first one had me giggling...I love the second beautiful

  17. I really like both of these, but your second one shows that counting syllables has nothing to do with strict metrical form. On the whole, I would describe the second as free verse.

  18. Now .. I have the Jinksy stamp of approval regarding the shirking of my domestic responsibilities! These poems are delightful.

  19. I like both, the first one, an impulsive poem and the second one, a welcoming peaceful read ~

  20. YOU DID IT! And you did it quite well. The first one is a hoot!

  21. Great challenge and great poem, too. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.