Sunday, July 7, 2013

Then and Now

Misty horizons hid outlines of trees
and undulating hills gave a backdrop
to the lives of people who worked the land.
But urban boils of towns and cities scarred
more and more of the countryside.  People 
said "It's progress, this modernisation."
Until they saw the Earth begin to mourn...

Skeletal monsters invade the skyline,
their sharp angles slicing the air above
the city, above its inhabitants
who scurry beneath the uplifted arms
oblivious to this supplication from
metal limbs raised as if in silent prayer-
" Save the green spaces of our countryside..."

Written for The Mag 176 in which Tess gave us a photo, Supermoon 2013 by Julio Cortez, A P, for inspiration.


  1. Yes, indeed... I do believe Earth mourns.

  2. if some point we will over populate and take it all up...and then what...i am glad there are still green spaces...and i hope my grandchildren will one day be able to say the same...smiles.

  3. Cogent and solid; rather moving...

  4. I love what you saw in this..what you's up to us!

  5. Like Tolkiens orcs eh ? Planted some English oaks on the farm the other day, Jinksy , one of ems for you !

  6. Save the Green indeed! -skeletal monsters yes- Thanks.

  7. This makes me want to weep ... incredibly moving, Ms. Penny.

  8. I have spent most of life being enthusiastically in favor of progress at any cost. I am deeply shamed of that now.

  9. A poignant piece. Thank you.


  10. Beautiful, and we must make good things! Very inspiring.

  11. Wow ... this is such a different approach to the challenge ... it has made me really think about the level of change we force on the land in our urban spaces ... good one, Jinksy!

  12. I hate to see new buildings going up when so many others stand empty. Save the green, indeed!