Sunday, September 8, 2013

Blotting My Copy Book?

Thanks to Lolamouse at IGWRTS for this unusual prompt.

In ancient days, two solitary Pilgrims set forth, each from a far country, each keeping the prevailing winds at their back.

They walked through Life, allowing these winds to determine whither their steps should lead, leaving the choice of route to a Higher Power, for they knew themselves to be of small account in the grand scheme of things.

They carried sacks, in which they collected scraps of Knowledge and Wisdom with which they could feed the needy when Despair failed to give such people sustenance. But the sacks were still part empty, and the Pilgrims themselves were often hungry....

Then one day the Winds of Chance joined forces, made the Pilgrim's paths cross. The roads joined and a single Path lay ahead.

For the first time in their lives, they experienced true Companionship, and scraps of Kindness were added to their sacks. Their hunger pangs lessened.

At last the two stopped to rest, and placed their sacks on the ground. It was then that they realised both were overflowing - with Love; and at last the Pilgrims knew what it was to feel replete.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

In A Jam?

that flaky, ginger, crust
whose russet tones pierce the heart
even as they start
alarm bells ringing,
cash signs pinging...
"How much for a new  -  ?!!

(You fill in the gap
If part of your car
rusts, better by far
you get it fixed
soon, despite mixed
emotions. The cash drain
will only increase, and you'll gain
nothing by leaving it till another day.
Pay up, grin and bear it.

Written especially for Poetry Jam