Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On Friendship

Thanks to a chain of Bloggy information, I have today learned of the death of Dave King, after Brian at d'Verse paid tribute to the friendship which had been struck up between them. I too was privileged to number Dave among my Blogpals, and have decided to post these lines, written in the past few days, for friendship lies at the heart of them as well.

You and I have never met,
and yet...

there is inside my mind
a place where reality blurs,
where my ears have learned
the mysteries of your voice,
and heard tales of your life
that I recognise...

yes, almost remember...

as though we had lived in unison,
although in separate worlds.

Bridges span our thoughts,
and words
link us each to the other
in some time out of time
where speech-streams mingle,
until we become a river in full flood,
and I know that I am home.