Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Loving

Nerve endings' petals
unfurl with the warmth of you;
but your sunshine kills.

Only a dried husk remains
as the body burns.

This was written for the Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, where Grace said:-

Our challenge this weekend is to write about our insides with nature or season as inspiration. The prompt is wide open and feel free to use my title if it inspires you. Please write a new poem or prose poem or flash fiction (less than 250 words) and link up with Mr Linky below.  I look forward to reading your words and don't forget to visit your fellow writers too.


  1. You have captured the fragility of both the flower and the heart here, Jinksy.

  2. Too much sun can be bad for you and the flowers, smiles ~ I have seen those dried husk already ~

    Thanks for linking up with Real Toads ~ Wishing you happy weekend ~

  3. This is very well expressed. One feels the heat and the shriveling......

  4. Great use of the flower and petals nice!

  5. Oh! From the outside in or the inside out? How I hate it when my heart decides to fly into the flame as f it is some kind of lunar moth or too-swiftly growing flower.

  6. I love the juxtaposition of the tenderness in the beginning against the harshness of the dried up ending. And, "sunshine kills" is a brilliant phrasing choice!