Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29th 2012

With Leap Year being on the minds of some, I thought I'd contemplate the implications of this date, too! And my cynical thinking came up with this...

Do I spy an MCP?

A leap year could inspired a girl
to try and make her man's heart whirl
by proposing they should marry.
"Say yes, darling? Do not tarry..."

The question, once it strikes his mind,
may, of a sudden make him find
the last thing he would ever do
is end up saying 'I love you'
and promising 'Till death do part',
to cleave to but one single heart.

He'd rather stand guard, raise his shield
and carry on to play the field!
"The world is full of comely maids
almost begging to be laid..."

Linked to IGWRT and d'Verse 


  1. Higgamus, hoggamus, women are monogamous.
    Hoggamus, higgamus, menfolk are polygamous.

    And you have expressed the dichotomy excellently!

  2. what to say...i think vice versa...and she should walk on to the next..ha

    1. What's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander - in reverse, eh? :)

  3. um with an offer like that you might catch something you

  4. He..he...Today is supposed to be the day the girl can propose to the guy..but if he doesn't want, well he isn't worth it...Happy day to you ~

  5. "She backed him up against the calendar and asked the question which really wasn't a question at all since tradition says that he cannot refuse... how romantic."

    I guess I am more of a traditional person than a tradition person. Have a good day and don't be afraid to say NO.

    1. Ah yes, MCPs are alive and well. I enjoyed this witty piece.

  6. I think she should walk onto the next too - he obviously wasn't worthy of her love!

    Anna :o]

  7. What a fun poem!

  8. why, jinksy! {giggles}