Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shakespeare's Words

These were ones I used to create this 'In Sympathy' card, to send to a bereaved friend, and this morning, I read a post where the Blogperson mentioned the recent death of their mother...I thought, if I posted this 'card' on In Tandem, I would then be able to 'send' condolences to them via a link in a comment, as they didn't have their email enabled for me to communicate directly.

Then I thought, if anyone else would like to use this image in a similar way, I could 'gift' it to them, too...Feel free to help yourself...


  1. This was so very sweet of you to make and then to share it with me makes me feel very blessed to have people out there who care.

    I really appreciate this more than you can possibly know. Losing one's mother is harder than one can imagine just as losing anyone is very difficult, but mom's and dad's are special somehow.

    Thank you again, I hope others share these words of comfort too. Loved ones are always in our hearts.

    God bless.

  2. I'm so glad my strange postal service worked! It's many years since my Mum and Dad died, but I can still understand how you feel.
    I hope others will share this too, if they happen upon it... ♥

  3. very generous of you, Jinksy! thankfully there's no one i know right now who's lost anyone.