Friday, June 14, 2013

Poor Cows

Way out in America's West
there's one thing the cowpokes do best;
they sport battered hats,
spurred boots and fringed chaps
which make them stand out from the rest.

Where I live, in this ancient old isle,
such a get up might raise a few smiles,
for though denims are 'in'
spurs are 'out'! And I grin,
for I rather admire the style...

So I can but imagine the charm
of a lasso controlled by my arm,
as I chase a wild steer
without showing fear,
though the act makes me quake with alarm...

But, just think of the branding that's done.
Who'd want a hot iron on their bum?
Or a life in a herd?
That's really absurd -
the poor cows sure don't get much fun!

At IGWRT's, Margaret has us  chasing cowboy dreams today, inspired by the photography of Merri Meide.
And I'notice d'Verse asked for a rondolet on Thursday- so I'm adding a late one on the same subject, just for fun!

The cowboy's life
might not suit you or I; it's true
the cowboy's life
consists of toil, hard knocks and strife.
But once he shows what he can do
he could tempt many dreamers to
the cowboy's life.


  1. Excellent fun. You know about the cowpoke who wore a brownpaper stetson, a brownpaper shirt and brownpaper chaps. His hobby? Rustling?

  2. Great fun to see these - I love a touch of the Country n Western.

  3. ...the hats and chaps ARE way cool. Fun piece, Jinksy.

  4. I enjoyed the rhythm of this piece, trotting along, so to speak--and it's appropriate move from what might please a human to what might please a cow.

  5. Brilliant limericks Jinsky! Your cowboy lingo provides perfect balance to the pics!


  6. I think you need to jump the pond and come for a visit! We'll show you a humdinger of a good cowboy time!!

  7. Now you caught the cowboy style with this one! I smiled all the way through it!

  8. Oh, Jinksy, this is great. I loved it.
    Yes, I agree with Helen, you must come over here and meet a cowpoke or two. They still exist, believe me. I've met many, and seen many more.

  9. Poking cows has gotta hurt the cows. I would never have made it in those days. Lovely stroll through your view of being a cowboy...cowperson. lol.

  10. This is why the English make crappy cowboys and we had to throw them out. ;-)

    1. Hehehe! We’re all too busy being farmers, and milking our cows for all they're worth, in between dancing round maypoles and making Cheddar cheeses :o)