Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Food For Thought, Perhaps

What does your letterbox eat?

Mine used to survive
on a sparse diet of envelopes.
It was healthy.

Now, it gets force-fed with flyers
from local fast food places
or supermarkets,
which it spews at once
onto my doormat,
as unpalatable...

And catalogues? They're
enough to give any door indigestion
as it tries to swallow their feast
of expensive purse-tempting pages.

But the menu alternates on lean days
with thin, pleading, plastic sacks
which expect a throw away
generation to feed unwanted items
to this charity, or that good cause.

So while I and my letterbox
are bombarded with ”Buy, buy, buy!”
the plastic bags keep coming.

I think I'll link this to Poetry Pantry... for some reason, all the Toads chose to ignore it last Monday...


  1. interesting look at this...the progressing from the mail to the catalogs...loss of the personal touch....and then taking that to the dinner table...the expensive food...and those that have little...the throw away generation...have heard the moniker used and it makes me a bit sad...

  2. Ha, my letterbox has less and less in it. But for those local adverts and coupons! And, yes, catalogs. I remember the good old days when I used to look forward to personal letters and cards. Sigh.

  3. Jinksy, I love how your mind works! My letterbox is looking leaner and leaner these days! :)

  4. This strikes a chord. Have you been looking in my letter box?

  5. This is exactly right, though it is not the post office's fault. I ail some bills still, but cannot think of the last time I wrote a letter. Poor hungry mail box and door and me!

  6. I have a rural mailbox so I miss a lot of the flyers, thankfully. I worry about the amount of plastic bags floating around this planet though.

  7. ...aww, i wish i have letterbox on my gate.... it would be nice to see it eating sort of snail mails & also (yes) mr. post man's hand... too bad, we seemed to have missing 'em in 2013... hihi... smiles... loved your humour... enjoyed it... thanks!

  8. I'm currently reading Un Lun Dun by China Mieville and there's a reminder of the brilliant playfulness with everyday objects/processes in this piece. Really enjoyed it - a great read!

  9. (I love the way Britain's say things ... letterbox is adorable. Our mailbox is nothing exciting... although I am awaiting a small tax return! Christmas it does perk up a bit...