Monday, October 1, 2012

Fantasia For A Wet Monday

The world has clothed itself in misted grey
as each damp day mimics the one before.
All memories of warmth and sun recede
into the mists of imagination.

But crystal rain beads line each graceful leaf,
as though the plant had decked itself with gems,
before attending some illustrious
gathering, a high society ball
to be held in a fairy-dream garden... 

There, diamond studded spider's webs are strung
to light, in place of cut glass chandeliers,
the mossy dance floor. Woodland elves and sprites
will make full use of this bosky ballroom
while Lady Moon looks on and smiles, content.

Others flights of fancy may be found in this garden, too!


  1. Even tho bout a winters day had a feeling on warmth

  2. crystal rain beads line each graceful leaf,
    as though the plant had decked itself with gems

    Beautiful show. Such wonderful imagery of scenes following a shower. Nicely Jinsky!


  3. Very lovely lines and images conjured up here.
    The actual weather puzzles me as we have had the most wonderful weather this month apart from two or three rainy days. No flooding here either, thank goodness.

  4. beautiful!....the last stanza is so vivid and fantastic.....

  5. What a way to spend a rainy day, would love to attend that Ball images so vivid.

  6. I love the fanciful images used here - leaves studded with gems, spiderwebs with crystal......I love the elves and sprites and Lady Moon:)

  7. This has an enchanted feel, to see the world so beautifully, is a gift! :D

  8. Gorgeous! I want to hang out in your garden!

  9. yes, yes... just where I am these days too. Beautiful!

  10. I so enjoyed this one because I live in the Sonora Desert where dry is the word of the day, week, year; although we had a wonderful monsoon season this summer. Mist, fog, damp... rarities for me.

  11. lovely and with a delicacy that delights, Pen!

  12. All alive and personified! I'm so glad you see this ball and bring us to it!

  13. Fantastic imagery and what an imagination, loved the ending too.

  14. Turning a grey day into one that glistens and delights. I love your attitude and your blog... haven't seen you in a long while, Jinksy, and glad to find you at Real Toads. Peace, Amy