Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Script

Our book of life falls open at a page
whereupon we write our stories daily,
with tracery that weaves our souls’ intent
into the fabric of the words we choose;
ours the choice to seek the light, or dark inks,
used to embellish the script of our play.

We have to take the leading role. Each act
supplies a cast of characters for us,
without whom our production would be dull,
a monologue in shades of monotone
uniformity.  So raise the curtain,
let the orchestra play the overture,
as we stand in the wings of a stage, set
with painted backdrops poised to shape our lives.

This is one of my poems re-worked, linked today to d'Verse


  1. Yes indeed, there's no point in having them given to us unless we intend to 'seize the day'
    Very lovely poem Jinksy

  2. Wonderful to read you, wonderful to see you! :) It's been way too long! This is a wonderful offering for OpenLinkNight

  3. smiles....i like the thought...it gives us ownership of how we write....we may be given characters to play and interact with but ultimately we are the ones to fill that page with what we will write between them...

  4. This was great! full life and encouragement. To take the lead and form our lives :)

  5. I love it...the choice is ours to write and make it bright or dark ~ I like that taking the lead role...its all ours to rise or fall ~

  6. The choice is ours...great write.

  7. I love this. Who better to write our own play than we who will live it?

  8. I love the implied freedom and responsibility in this. Very nicely written.