Friday, October 5, 2012

Tantivy, Tantivy!

At the local meet,
pink coated riders gather,
scarlet blood-lust fuelled.

They talk of cross-country trails
and the best route to follow.

Horse and hounds move out,
a pack in pursuit of prey.
Horn sounds"Tally-ho!"

and the cavalcade sets off
in haphazard formation.

Frightened animal,
alert, outwits the hunter.
Tail remains intact
as the harrowing day ends
and fox has won the contest.

For today's IGWRT, thanks to Hannah, and Peter Trimming's Photo.


  1. I hate the fox hunt. This one ended happily but, I've seen the footage of a fox once the hounds have caught it, it's barbaric and savage.
    Glad this had a happy ending :)

  2. Your poem carries great momentum so apropos for the hunt, Jinsky!! I'm so glad that the fox won!!! Thanks a million for writing this fun piece for Real Toads Transforming Friday!!

  3. Yay! Go foxy!! :D Foxes are such beautiful creatures :) And you wrote a great piece! :D

  4. I agree..glad that the fox won ~

  5. Thank heavens. I HATE fox hunting. Well done!

  6. I abhor the hunt! So glad this one had a happy ending.

  7. Yay fox! One summer I had the job (my favorite job ever) of riding two horses for a local judge who was too busy to ride them himself, but wanted them in shape for foxhunting season. I loved riding horseback riding on the trails, but I hated to think of why I was doing it. I enjoyed your write Penny, and thanks for the little trip down memory lane.

  8. A neat write, you must have been there. For me the hunt is surreal, occurring only in the fiction I read--all of it on the side of the fox.

  9. Cheer for the fox...trip the huntsmen! Great write.