Monday, May 13, 2013

Prelude Part ll


Eleven Plus Examination; first milestone passed and signposts pointed to 'no-choice' choices - 
"Possible combinations of English: French: German: Latin?"
"Plus Greek?"
"Art: Needlework: Cookery?"
"Plus Shorthand and Typing?"
"Maths: Biology: Science: Physics: History: Geography?"
"Yes, yes, yes."
But only if The Arts were not first choice;  a 'no-choice' choice in action, curtailed by timetable restrictions and too few teachers, or too few hours in a day.


Life had come in six year slices;
first, a war torn, well populated family life:
second, a solitary, introverted world at school:
third, a dawn of self awareness, confidence
and growing realization of the enormity
of how much knowledge was on offer.

From  eighteen on, as if twelve years’ worth
of three-term-times-each had not been enough,
came another five-times-three at art college:
annual, pie chart segments, interspersed 
with dribs and drabs of holiday buffers
linking the rushing train of life and learning.

But the points changed
and sent me along a branch line -
to marriage, and children,
not the capital city of a teaching career.

Now whistle stop memories
halt at my brain station
as scenery blurs outside time’s window.
The engine followed its track to Now,
but  the train still holds fast to the rails…
Destination? Learning;  always changing.

This is the follow on from last Wednesday's Real Toad's challenge to write a prelude. :)


  1. life has lemon and honey. we have to taste ,em both..

  2. The pitch and movement overwhelmed me. Gave me a whole new view of teaching. Well done.

  3. Your summation and likening to train and tracks I enjoy very much!

  4. Very beautiful ... flow of words just awesome depicting the journey of life!

    'halt at my brain station
    as scenery blurs outside time’s window.
    The engine followed its track to Now,
    but the train still holds fast to the rails…
    Destination? Learning; always changing.'

    These are so meaningful lines, touched my heart, could relate to it!

  5. The first part of our lives seems so bent on acquiring knowledge almost as if there is an expiry date on its acquisition, and later on in life it seems to lose all importance. I like the last lines which urge us to continuing learning as we grow older.

  6. "Whistle stop memories." Really nice.

  7. the importance of continuing to grow is a huge one, the first few rungs of Maslow's hierarchy make it necessary, it only when we get to the top of the mountain we forget that it is just as important if not more important because we have a better understanding but not an all consuming understanding of the workings of a lifetime. Great writing, one of my favorites of yours.

    1. Thanks for sending me off on a search which lead me to Abraham Maslow - that added to my learning in an extremely interesting way! LOL

    2. We use Mafslow in teaching business courses of human behavior based on NEEDS. It works although time in each stage will not be linear according to the others. And some stages might be almost skipped. I.e. nothing regular like your six year increments.

      Some poor souls never are able to fulfill the basic essential needs and thus leave in quest of satisfaction of a higher need. Like having a minimum wage job and being trapped in it.

  8. This was a wonderful read :) Loved it :)

  9. What a scene-filled journey!

  10. Jinksy, no matter how your "education train derailed," you have arrived at the correct destination: That of a lifelong learner. "Whistle stop memories/ halt at my brain station," simply BRILL. Great, J. Peace, Amy

  11. Very scenic! could relate to it and well the journey continues!

  12. Wow! Much enjoyed, what a journey and one of profound proportion!

  13. Our journeys are so unique and so special...even if we get derailed at times. I loved this, Jinksy!