Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rictameter Rules

IGWRT's mini-challenge for Sunday is to write a nine line rictameter. The first 5 lines are very similar to a cinquain and  the pattern of syllables per line goes like this:  2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2.    The first and last lines must be the same.

by tradition
a day for radio
to subsume the senses
and ease into wind-down of the weekend
before the mind need remember
the next week's beginning -
heading towards


  1. Ha, and the cycle continues to repeat. Smiles!

  2. Sundays always seem much shorter than any other day. Hope you enjoy yours.

  3. This is so smooth! Well done, Jinksy!

  4. oh gosh, i love this! so true, and such a good use of the form to express this truth.

  5. ah! You speak for all of us.. Dont we wait anxiously for sundays.?? :)

  6. ah! You speak for all of us.. Dont we wait anxiously for sundays.?? :)

  7. Around and around and around we go ....... all good.

  8. Funny, the comment about the "cycle." I began life with every Sunday in church, and returned to that happy habit many years later. Good thing, too - that's where I met Lex, LOL.

    Sundays are for rest, however you find it. Brunch, simply curling up with the crossword puzzles... I remember when I worked outside the home, how special Sundays were for me and my Riley. Nicely done! Amy

  9. As a child, my Sunday was also radio--but westerns and murder mysteries, not concerts or music. Your poem shows a restful week-end or -beginning, which ever way you look at it.

  10. Well said, Jinksy!
    Sunday is starting to come to an end here, but tomorrow is a national holiday here in Canada, so we can relax again!
    It used to be the 24th of May, which we all knew as Queen Victoria's Birthday, but which my grandmother referred to as simply "the Queen's birthday" because she was born when Victoria was Queen.
    Now it is simply "the May long weekend" because so few people remember anything about Victoria.

  11. Ah yes, Sunday is definitely better than Monday :)

  12. Give me Sunday any day ~ Thankfully its our long weekend ~ Good work on the form and thanks for linking up with Sunday Challenge ~

  13. Sounds so relaxing =)