Friday, August 3, 2012

Ships That Pass...


My family members are off on their hols
they're zooming around the globe.
One lot is coming, the other is going.
We all keep in contact by 'mobe'.
Sometimes we manage, despite the mad rush,
to say ‘Hello’, even while passing
betwixt here and there via boat, plane or train…
travel can be so harassing!

A holiday 55 for G-Man!


  1. Yep, it can be ~ You sometimes need a vacation from the vacation ~

  2. travel can be so much fun though...i love to is good to keep in touch though as you traverse the globe....

  3. Sure can be -love the Art work too.

    Just retuned from 2 weeks cruise around the Baltics

  4. Oh my , very trying and tiring at this time of year- Glad you can wave and smile - I just want to run away and hide- on a beach (with nobody early on) Thanks.

  5. On Holiday!!!!
    A British term that I Love!
    Thanks for the smile Jinksy
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  6. Ah, the jet setter lifestyle. My family only took one vacation, and we all did it together.

  7. oh yes, I can so relate to that. I used to do that for my work and now since our home is in California and I am now in my home country in Malaysia, it is almost 23 hours one way!!! Every time, we landed, we will tell ourselves we will not be on the plane again. LOL Such a cheerful 55! Bravo! Have you a blessed weekend. hugs shakira
    Mine is here

  8. I love to travel, but it can get hectic especially if you have a large family to see. Hope you're having fun though.

    (Jinksy, so sorry I didn't get back to you last week about the blog that has word verification. It's not any of your blogs, it's the Creative Writing Notes blog, and the poem was by you, "Oops", about Sydney the snake. Anyway, I have a little grandson, and thought I'd show it to him.

    Today, I was able to comment on the poem with no problem from word verification.)

  9. Yikes....I often wonder what the use of a Holiday is, if someone can find ya? LOL. This was wonderful...have a great weekend

  10. Going on hols is great! You have more time to devote to your mobe addiction.

  11. LOL Ships that pass in the night. Lovely!

  12. LOL Ships that pass in the night. Lovely!

  13. Ah, I'm preparing to go on "hols" soon! Going crazy with it right now - you are so right!

  14. Sounds lovely to me. Work prevented my husband and I from having a proper holiday this year.