Sunday, April 7, 2013

Birthday Boy

Kerry, at IGWRT's, has asked us to celebrate the month of April, Wordsworth's birth month, and she asked that we start our offering with some of his lines of poetry. Here goes!

To Wordsworth, April and Nature

"Come forth into the light of things,
let Nature be your teacher."
Use this chance to be her friend;
make haste to go and greet her!
Let’s celebrate the birthday month
of Mr Wordsworth, William,
and honour golden daffodils
that moved him - in their millions!

Nature in the raw can be
a harsh and cruel lady,
but April, dancing in with Spring,
is sunny, warm - though shady,
if cloud-held showers follow close
about her flowered gown
as she charms old Winter’s blues
with her golden crown.

Perhaps throughout the day, or later, I may come back to add some more verses... but no promises...


  1. This has a lovely, up-beat rhythm and you have used rhyme very effectively so this reads with a song-like cadence.

  2. aw, i really like this! festive and fun.

  3. I like the image of Spring in her flowered gown, charming old winter's blues ~

    Good one Jinksy ~

  4. that's really beautiful and a great homage

  5. Lovely tribute to springtime! I so love the blooms!

  6. ...and the second stanza charms me!! Lovely.

  7. I love the uplifting rhythm and lilt of this. As bouncy as daffodils themselves. Lovely. Happy spring!

  8. I think it is so fun that you found a way to add the golden crown!
    Beautiful thoughts in your poem...
    I agree it is lovely :D

  9. Letting nature be your teacher and your friend is a beautiful idea, Jinksy, and I wish more would see her that way. A lovely response to the prompt!

  10. I enjoyed this, Jinksy. I do think if anyone can charm winter's blues it would be April!!

  11. Oh, I hope April comes dancing in with spring! We still have snow here! This is lovely Penny!

  12. Jinksy, it's April in Wisconsin and I went to church without a coat today! Your poem comes as the postlude to a perfect day. Like where you went with the quote, the flow, the rhyme... all of it! Amy

  13. but April, dancing in with Spring,
    is sunny, warm - though shady...
    you sure about this?
    Ah, well, optimists, I love 'em -
    especially when they write poetry such as this.

    1. Can't beat a bit of wishful thinking, Dave. :)

  14. A flowered gown and golden crown ... I want to wear them, too, and dance in a field of daffodils :)

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  16. I shall try this again. This is a bright birthday celebration for Wordsworth. I needed sunshine words!

  17. Wordsworth came into the World the same year as Beethoven and his stuff mostly makes me feel I did too. Your poem adds a spoonful of baking powder to his dirges.