Sunday, April 28, 2013

In Honour of Botticelli

Love Poem

Pastor Portle       
gave a chortle,
tipped his hat
then sat -

and smiled

by what he saw.

No flaw
of nature marred his view -
for - in front of him stood you,
in all your glory;
what better point to end my story?!
For Botticelli's Venus is
undoubtedly a perfect Ms.

A late 55 for G-man , as well as a second poem for # 28 of NaPoRiMo :)
I must apologise to Doctor FTSE, who coined the name 'Parson Portle', which I , in my stupidity, transcribed as 'Pastor Portle' - perhaps they were twins?! Hehehe!


  1. She certainly look sweet tempered, but I prefer to talk.

  2. Oops, Penelope! I coined the malapropism "Parson PARtle" by tripping over "part n'parcel" Your #28 is a satisfying read, as well as being jocose. You're getting near the end. Looking forward to 29 and 30.

  3. Penny...
    You and Botticelli are a tad late.
    But WTF? We are amongst friends...hehehehe
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week!

  4. That's very noble of you, G-Man. A kicked arse is just as painful midweek, I'll have you know! LOL